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Roof Replacement in Helena, MT

Of all improvements you can make to your residence or commercial property, replacing a roof is as important as it gets. Whilst it may not seem very glamorous, failure to replace a roof properly can be a disaster. Whilst no client should take this decision lightly, it is also a choice that must not be delayed. At Helena Roofing Company, we understand that this can be an overwhelming experience for homeowners, and so we work hard to remove any uncertainty and the cost of, and solution for, your problems. We take the time to work with every customer individually, to make this as stress-free as possible.

Shingle Roof

We specialise in the installation of roof shingles. These are a common type of covering for pitched roofs which are placed in an overlapping pattern. You might have heard of these referred to as ‘strips’. Roofing shingles are often flat and rectangular, but can vary in material. They prove an effective and affordable alternative to slate tiles. It makes them a great choice for property owners looking to replace their roof whilst working on a tight budget. Whilst they might be cheaper, their appearance is very similar to a tiled roof if properly installed, meaning you don’t lose out on the aesthetic!

Indicators for Roof Replacement

All shingles on your roof should lie flat; if you spot that some are damaged or cracked then a replacement is most likely required. There are a number of other indicators that a roof might need replacing. This includes things such as a drooping or sagging roof. This can be caused by and lead to structural damage of your property. As such, it requires immediate action. Things like moss, which might look like a natural part of your garden, can mean trouble for your roof. This is often a sign that your roof is suffering from trapped moisture, which if left alone can cause serious damage.

Benefits of Roof Replacement 

We’re very aware that roof replacement because of some of the issues that we’ve mentioned above can be a huge decision for our customers and have a big impact on their home. It is important to remember that there are a number of advantages to roof replacement. The main benefit is a question of safety; the longer we wait to improve a dilapidated roof, the more dangerous it can become. Moreover, once we have installed a high-quality replacement, with a warranty that will last many years, you can be sure you will stay warm and dry with a wonderful peace of mind.


Most roofs will last two decades without requiring much work. Amazingly, more modern roofing materials such as aluminium can last a lot longer. If you chose to replace your roof with a metal material, it might not require work for a further fifty years. Inevitably, the life expectancy of your roof will depend on a number of things like the weather, however our experts at Helena Roofing Company are best placed to advise you.