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Roofs are part of our home or commercial property that protect us and those beneath it from the elements. Bent Tree Enterprises (a Helena roofing company) is here to ensure that your roof is fit to do so! Our team of roofers are employed for their reliability, excellent customer service skills and expert knowledge of the field.

We receive a lot of our business based on our reputation from word of mouth marketing. Many of our customers feel compelled to tell their neighbors and family about our expert roofing services, which humbles us greatly. It is a privilege and honor to serve the Helena community as we have done for so many years and hope to do for many years to come. Roofing is in our blood, and our #1 priority is to make sure that the “hardhat of your home” is safe and durable.

About Us

We provide highly durable and affordable roofing solutions and, as such, are widely recognized by our client base as providers of the most modern roofing materials and techniques. Thanks to years of quality roofing work, customers consistently report being extremely satisfied across all aspects of our service provision. It will always be our aim to sustain these levels of satisfaction, ensuring that our roofing repair, construction and customer service is consistent across our residential and commercial roofing work. Helena Roofing Company prides itself on roofing work that is durable, affordable and efficient, whether you need a leak repaired or a new roof constructed!

Our Services

We have a variety of services designed as solutions to all roofing requirements. We take enormous care in ensuring that we can tailor all these services to client needs, irrespective of whether these are residential or commercial. Whatever the issue with your roof, we will be able to advise you on the best solution at a competitive price. Our services are available in the Helena, Montana area. They include residential and commercial roofing, new roof construction, roof replacement and repair, as well as roof inspection and maintenance. The breadth of this expertise ensures we offer the most comprehensive roofing services in the area.

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Contact us for unparalleled expertise in residential, commercial, and new construction roofing, coupled with meticulous attention to detail in roof replacement, repair, and ongoing maintenance, ensuring peace of mind and lasting quality for your property.

Residential Roofing

Our roofing tips can help you gain the most while retaining your home’s appeal in the neighborhood. It will be one of the best investments you ever make. Some sources claim that you get a 70 percent return on investment for your roof replacement. Not saying that is what you need, but our team will do a good job of assessing whatever damage there is and giving you advice on handling what comes next. Whether you need a simple roof repair job from a small leak or a total roof replacement due to damage or wear and tear, we can get you taken care of with professionalism, honesty, and great work quality. We have replaced and installed roofs of all shapes, sizes, and materials for homes throughout the area and will be proud to help you as well.

Commercial Roofing

In Helena, heavy snow and rain storms may also result in loose shingles and falling trees. Over time, these are things that may lead to the compromise of the roof over your business. Fortunately, Helena is not particularly humid, and that means it is less likely for mold to develop, but there is always the chance of water damage. That is why we encourage regular inspections and call us up when you feel that something is wrong. Depending on the type of business, you may be susceptible to pests or not. Either way, there are things we can do to increase your facility’s safety.

At Helena Roofing Company, we understand the importance that developers place on selecting the appropriate roofing services. We guarantee that you will be working with highly trained commercial roofing professionals. Our team will always strive to finish within the forecast time and budget.

Roof Replacement

As said before, there is a distinguishable difference between the need to repair and replace. If the damage is significant and the roof is old, it would be better to replace it. Doing this has significant upsides as well. For one, you will get a higher resale value. Not to assume that you will live in your home forever, but it is good to think ahead and consider the rates you would sell at. If a buyer considers that they will have to buy a new roof, there is less incentive for a big offer, and you will have to compromise. This is related to the marketing theme of curb appeal. If you want to make the home or business stand out, do the roofing. It is especially a plus if the neighbors have worn down roofing because you look like the one on top of their game.

​Replacing your roofing will also remove the chances of expensive surprises. You may create time to budget and save up for the roof instead of waiting until something eventually caves in. it does not usually do that when you plan for it. Most probably, something will snap when you are taking care of a big financial bill or another project which needs a lot of your investment. Now you will have something else to deal with which you can’t afford. Replacement of the roofing in a timely fashion instead of waiting until you do not have a choice means that you can replace it on your terms and at the schedule that best fits. If your roof needs replacing due to damage from a typical Helena storm (wind, snow, etc.), we can work with your insurance company for help. If you need to pay for a roof replacement out of your pocket, we will also work with you on financing options and work with quite a few local Helena banks.

Roof Repair

Localized leaks on the roof that is less than a decade old are probably something that can be fixed with repair. It would need professionals, though, like our team to take a look considering the water may enter the residence and then travel horizontally before they finally leak through the chimney or ceiling. Another thing would be missing or clearly damaged parts of the roofing. The roofing should not be nearing its term life for a repair to be considered. So if there are missing shingles and it is young or at an average lifespan, these can be easily replaced while maintaining some level of protection within the household. We also make certain there are no underlying leaks and assess the area to see if it is just missing shingles or if the decking or underlayment has incurred damage also. The addition of new shingles with damage underneath is not going to result in the prevention of a leak. If it is only a matter of missing shingles, then we can replace them.

Roofing repairs will also afford public benefits for the home and your expenditure. Many roofing systems need maintenance regularly, and not doing so could void your warranty. It makes sense if you consider that the roofing is the first line of defense and always exposed. If you are not preemptive with the repairing, then it could be seen as negligence. We can help you to schedule the roofing repair at your convenience. It also keeps the home or business as energy efficient as possible. A big percentage of the utility bills you spend belongs to heating and ambience. If there is significant heat loss, especially during the winter months, then your bills can skyrocket. A stable roof will reduce heat loss on cold days and heat gain when it is hot. Roofing that is neglected may also lead to mold and mildew, which poses a health risk to you and your family, considering they may seep into the walls. Helena roofing is renowned for using the most contemporary techniques to salvage damaged roofs and ensure that they last as long as possible. We go to great lengths to ensure that any durable solutions we provide will stand the test of time. Give us a call today and we can come take a look at your roof and give you our repair recommendations.

Roof Inspection and Maintenance

During the maintenance, we check for shingle damage. These shingles see wear and tear daily, and you might not be aware of the damage they get, especially being periodically struck. If the shingles are buckled, missing or curled, you will have to address the problem and prevent further damage. We also check the chimneys as structural damage of any size may cause the bricks to begin crumbling. It can lead to significant damage to the roof. A sloping chimney can cause problems to the foundation of the home. If you notice any movement in the chimney within a short period, call us immediately to fix the problem.

There are different things we do to mitigate the damage after you call us up for regular maintenance. Cleaning your gutters is high on that list. It will not only help the aesthetics but also prolong the life of the entire roof. When the leaves pile up, they increase water pooling chances, leading to the formation of moss and water damage. We can also help trim those overhanging branches. There is the obvious risk of them falling on the roofing during storms and harming the roof. Leaves are much easier to remove because they are light. However, when they collect on the roof valleys, gutters, and chimney, they can cause blockage issues. They retain moisture and lead to rot which is damaging to the roof structure.

During your maintenance rounds after the job, we advise taking care of ice dams that may cause serious damage to the roofing. When they form, just trying to get them off the roofing will only make it worse. Keeping the roof at the same temperature as the eaves is the way to go. It is done by increasing insulation and increasing the available ventilation. We can also seal off all air leaks, which would prevent the roof from heat loss. Our depth of experience means that we understand the best ways to manage and maintain the roofs of commercial and residential properties. In this way, our team ensures that your roof is best prepared to suffer the elements while keeping you, your family or your employees warm and dry.

New Construction Roofing

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