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Commercial Roofing Helena

If you have a commercial building, or you are researching a commercial roof system, we are here to help. Commercial roofs are often significantly larger than residential roofs, as creating a sloped roof for a large commercial building can pose a number of problems from a practical perspective. This is because commercial roofs will often have to support heavy equipment such as large air conditioning units. Moreover, flat roofs are cheaper to build than their sloped counterparts, and therefore are used more often for commercial purposes.

Flat Roof 

Often, commercial building owners will have a flat roof. These buildings can include schools, hospitals, warehouses and factories. One of the biggest advantages of this type of roof is the lower price. As flat roofs can be installed using large rolls, it takes a lot less time than building a sloped roof. Deciding which flat roof system is best for you will depend on your commercial needs and budget. We have had years of experience repairing, replacing and constructing this type of roof for an extensive number of commercial clients. Remember, costly repairs can be avoided with regular maintenance!

Roof Leak Repair

A majority of leaks in commercial roofing occur in areas such as chimneys, cents or air-condition units. This might be because of ‘standing water’; stagnant water or puddles on your roof. However, the good news is that these commercial roofs are designed to last for decades, and so a leak will not necessarily mean that your roof requires a complete replacement. If your commercial roof is rubber, the solution could be as simple as a spot of patchwork. A professional from Helena Roofing Company will be happy to discuss these options with you, so as to determine the most cost effective solution.

Blow Offs and Wind Uplift 

Leaks are not the only issue that you might suffer with the improper installation of your commercial roof. The wind can create an upward force upon the roofing system, called wind-uplift. This can damage the roofing system. As well as this, high winds have been known to blow the tops off chimneys and air vents, which in turn allow water to penetrate the interior. We have a wealth of experience in this regard and would be more than happy to answer any queries you might have should your commercial property be suffering any of these issues.

Roof Blisters

Roof blisters can occur in commercial roof systems. Whilst all roofs are made with materials designed to be flexible (within limits), excessive moisture or heat can incite ‘blisters’ on your commercial property. These blisters allow moisture to seek into the building and weaken its structure. Moreover, they can cause your roof to age prematurely; this means a reduction in its effectiveness to prevent the building from extreme rain, wind, birds and debris. We will be able to advise you on a number of effective techniques to prevent and repair this common commercial roofing issue.