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Roof Inspection and Maintenance Helena

Regular roof inspections help our customers to address issues before they become more serious and expensive. Creating a plan for preventative maintenance can also be critical to your commercial business and might save you thousands of dollars in repair work. For example, you might want us to check that equipment on the roof is in good working condition so as to prevent leaks that might arise in the future. The key here is to be proactive; so long as we act fast to prevent any issues from evolving into something more drastic, maintenance problems won’t ever become a headache.

Regular Inspection

Ensuring that you employ a roofing specialist to thoroughly inspect your roof several times a year ensures that any small problems will not turn into big and costly ones. Our professionals will check for dark stains, mould or odours as well as water pooling. We will always check the roof for moss, which can hold a significant amount of water and thus weaken the roof deck. Our experience has taught us to look out for broken shingles and blocked gutters. Both of these, if left unattended, could cause long-lasting and expensive damage to your roof.


We consider safety to be of paramount importance when performing maintenance tasks. Working at a great height requires professional training. Our professionals follow strict safety guidelines when undertaking work on behalf of the Helena Roofing Company. We will endeavour to perform our maintenance checks and inspections on clear, dry days for maximum visibility and to reduce the possibility of slipping. Depending on whether it is a sloping or flat roof, we will ensure that we have the adequate safety measures in place, such as a safety net or a scaffold. Trust our highly trained roofers to carry out these inspections on your behalf.

Roof Cleaning 

Our trained roofers can also wash your roof as part of a maintenance routine. At points, a shingle roof can look dirty as a result of growing moss or algae. Whilst this won’t cause immediate damage, if left long enough it can rot the shingles. Any maintenance routine undertaken by our professionals will also include cleaning clogged gutters. If these are blocked, it can be a catalyst for serious water damage as the water seeps under the structure of your roof. Other things, like overhanging tree branches, can allow leaves to pile on top of your roof and eventually rot your shingles.

Roof Management

Ultimately, roofing reviews and a consistent roof management schedule will protect the interests of building owners and extend the life of your roof. By preventing costly leaks, maintenance by Helena Roofing Company will save you money on your residence or commercial property. Whilst many will be looking to save money, regular inspection from a professional on your behalf will end up saving you more money than you spend. These inspectors will be able to identify potential problems that you might have missed, and repair smaller issues before they end up being costly repairs.