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Roof Repair Helena

Working on a roof without professional training can be very dangerous and thus should only be attempted with extreme caution. Particularly if you intend to assess damage, it can be a better option to hire a professional. This is because it can take experience to know what you are looking for. There are many problems that might be occurring which could be invisible to the untrained eye. Our customers undertake roof repair so that they don’t have to face the cost of roof replacement. Letting smaller issues grow into bigger ones can prove very costly.

Damaged or Missing Shingles

It is very common to find a couple of damaged or missing shingles on your roof, as there are a number of external factors that might cause this. Strong wind could blow them off, or animal activity could crack or damage them. Extreme weather like hail could also serve to break them. Luckily, the solution is very simple. We can replace old shingles with new ones and show you how to take proactive measures to prevent future damage. Things like keeping your gutter clean for proper drainage can prevent you incurring further repair costs in the future.

Damaged Vent Boot

Sometimes, other parts of the roof can cause leaks to happen, such as a damaged vent boot. These features act like rubber bands that keep a watertight seal around your vents. If they are damaged, this can serve as an entry point for water streams. This can become a particularly expensive repair for your roof should the water seep further into the roof and ceiling. We have had many years of experience addressing issues such as this. Trust us to remove and replace the vent boot, stopping the leak at its source and ensuring that you don’t face a hefty repair bill in the future.


Punctures in your roof can happen for a number of reasons. Bad weather, falling branches and animal activity can mean you find significant holes in your roofing materials. Such damage is always best handled by a roofing professional, as it might require re-framing part of the roof itself. After this reframing, the roofer will install a layer of sheathing. Whilst you might be tempted to block the puncture with another material or sealant, this will only allow moisture to penetrate your roof. If you spot or suspect a puncture in your roof, get in touch with us!

Damaged Flashing

Flashing, usually a sheet metal or plastic, is the material used to protect the joints on features like a chimney or a skylight. It operates to redirect water away from areas prone to leaking towards gutters. If this becomes loose or worn, your roof becomes susceptible to rain and moisture. This may weaken the structure of your roof and cause it to rot. A simple replacement by one o f our professionals can prevent this. Whilst some surrounding materials on the roof, such as shingles, might need to be moved to do so, this represents a cost effective and proactive repair to stop further damage to your roof.